Disperate Zen


Daddy: Lets get the basic ones out of the way. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Corey: My inspiration comes from dreams mostly and the absurdity of the material world. My dreams are often saturated with symbols and icons and arranged in a nonsensical way.
Daddy: What’s your process like with experimentation?
Corey: I remember failing chemistry in high school, but the chemical experimentation that comes with tradition black and white darkroom photography is something I am compelled to experiment with. I like trying new things and working with chemicals that are meant to be handled with care. It has a meditative quality that is enjoyable.
Daddy: Your work seems very hands on. Do you use the darkroom at all, or are you working in photoshop?
Corey: I mostly use a darkroom and chemicals. All the images shown are made in the darkroom with medium and large format cameras. Some are in camera double exposures and some are just scenes I have set up. Some are chemically manipulated of combined with a photoshop collage and then reshot with a film camera. The work is process heavy and my methods are all over the place.
Daddy: Your body of work seems very cohesive without a consistent theme. Are the images supposed to play off of each other or are they meant to be viewed on their own?
Corey: They were created in an automatic way, and I think represent certain internal states of the individual (micro) along with macro aspects of collective humanity and society.
Daddy: What’s next for you?
Corey: Good question. I have a few series I'm working on. Gathering inspiration and energy in the mean time seems important along with funding. I'm also working on few animation and music projects. Just taking my time and creating.


Check out more of Coreys work on his website!

Photos by Cory Coomes / IG

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