Greek Birthday



"Fire, sea and woman". This was famously uttered  by poet/comedian Menandros in Greece circa 400 BC. A Holy Trinity of unfathomable  concepts of great beauty and power, both elating and destructive. I cannot say if I can totally agree with such a statement almost two and a half millennia later but I must, at the very least, acknowledge the boldness and power of this connection. This is my interpretation, lensed over a period of seven days in Corfu, Greece. Something to obsess about, something that can lift you, something that can consume you. Fire. Passion. Passion for art, passion for creation. This creative fire that burns within and takes over every aspect of your being. When you lie awake at night, obsessing, visualising images from beyond. Sea. Summer. Skin. Salt. Vastness of the oceans, parallel unknown world. The feeling that every other season exists to fill in the blanks between summers. Just to elevate it, to make you appreciate this freedom, freedom of skin, freedom of time. Woman. Inspiration. Admiration. Muse. This brief moment in time when everything aligns and forms creations that feel pre-existing, just waiting to get out, to manifest themselves organically onto emulsion. This is an analogue photographic record of this Trinity, of this brief moment in time.


Photographer: Achilleas Gatsopoulos @lomohypnagogia

Model: Kat Voltage @levoltage

Location: Corfu, Greece



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