Pretty Hate Machine – Greg Manis

Pretty Hate Machine


I never did like Beechnut and I never knew who Greg Manis was. I had long heard of Greg Manis and his work and never heard a good word about him. His images were saved on my phone under inspiration and I distinctly remember a photograph of a naked girl wrapped in a  rebel flag and couldn't see what the problem was. At the same time I was introduced to an asshole of a redneck named Beechnut who is more of a character than an actual person. He's like a real life Yosemite Sam. It wasn't until years later that I realized these 2 people were one and the same and it made me question how he was able to take these amazing photos of the girls in such an intimate light. I envisioned this whiskey bent, hell bound, redneck yelling "Show me your tits" to these girls and questioning who would get naked for him. Well, I have so I guess theres not much to really think about.


Heres some pictures from Beechnut.


-Spencer Wohlrab


Photography: Greg Manis / IG

Model: Maidenfed / IG


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