Bang – Alexander Thomas

Fantasy versus reality – sex and violence.  Nicole and I create constantly – gonzo photography – buy the ticket, take the ride. As husband and wife, we feed off of each others creativity energy often times with extreme intensity. What is the relationship between fantasy, reality, sex, and violence? Shot in our Hollywood apartment, this set of photographs entitled “Bang” seeks to explore these connections and make a statement about them.


Photographer: Alexander Thomas (@alexanderthomas.psd)

Model: Nicole Reinhard (@_yungnic)

About Alexander:

Alexander Thomas is a published photographer and music video director located in Los Angeles. Originally from Philadelphia, he has traveled through a large portion of the United States pursuing his passion; creating provocative images that showcase rarely discussed facets of the human mind, and alternative lifestyles. Fascinated with both postmodernist ideology and the human psyche, most of his work attempts to evoke a visceral feeling, while attempting to push the boundaries of societies self-imposed limits.