Beyond What is Written – Harry Flook

Coming from the religious south we are please to showcase a new series by English photographer and online editor of Loupe Magazine, Harry Flook. He takes an outsiders look at into non-religious communities the Bible Belt by showcasing the overwhelming propaganda that looms over the bible belt.


There is a strong divide between the conservative and liberal Christians in Tennessee, but the non-religious community is so small that it is completely overlooked.”

– Tad Beaty, Chattanooga Humanist Assembly.


“Beyond What is Written is a section of the aforementioned body of work. I spent a month meeting and photographing various non-religious communities in Tennessee; the ‘heart of the Bible Belt’. The series explores the presence of religious imagery and rhetoric in perceptions of the American dream, and the portraits picture a relationship defined by shared absence from religion.


The project is about the loss and regaining of community, and the changing religious landscape in America.”

-Harry Flook

Harry Flook / IG