Interview with George Griefy

George Griefy’s surreal images leave alot to the imagination. I can’t tell if their is an awkward sexualization of food some sort of struggle with eating, so instead of talking to him about that I grilled(get it) him on the idea of selling out as an artist. Oh, and he wont eat a cat.


Check out George’s work griefy.com and IG


Daddy: Whats your favorite chain restaurant?

George: Any place that serves burgers. I could spend the rest of my life eating burgers.

Daddy: If you were stranded on a deserted island with a cat, would you kill it and eat it if it meant you had a chance to survive? Mind you the cat is cute. Like REALLY cute.

George: It’s more than likely that the cat will eat me first.

Daddy: The girl in the image, is she rising or falling?

George: She’s rising…

Daddy: Why would you want to put your art on the back of an iPhone case?

George: So people can carry it with them all the time or match it with their clothes.

Daddy: Do you think art is the same weather it is displayed on an iPhone case, or in a gallery?

George: Art doesn’t have to do with the way it is displayed rather than the way it speaks to you.

Daddy: What about mass produced for hotels?

George: I don’t really know about it.

Daddy: Did you know that there are art dealers that deal specifically with hotels?

George: Not really.

Daddy: So those shitty pieces of art that are hanging in a Holiday Inn and destroyed by rockstars and get semen all over them, are actually pieces of art specifically chosen for that establishment. How does that make you feel?

George: It feel happy for the rockstar and the person that decided to ejaculate with it.