Šarūnas Milaševičius – Blue Liberation


Sarunas Milasevicius photography of the body shifts between framing

it as a known subject, and an unknown object. In Saunas latest 

series, the body is presented in its most objective form yet. 


Inspired by “Paris, Texas” (1984), the gaze has been the main 

concept of “Blue Liberation”. Nasstasja Kinski is in the film we encounter Nasstasja Kinski in a confined space, sitting on, and moving around her chair.

Travis, observing her through a framed one-way-mirror, is

comparable to the gaze of the photographer behind the lens. It is

this power-dynamic, of the concealed observer and the exposed

body that has granted itself for observation, which creates the 

vulnerability and intimacy that lingers throughout the series. 


We also noted that Sarunas seem to have taken a furthered interest

in legs, feet, and sneakers lately. And so, we decided to ask and 

received the simple, yet perfect, answer: 


“Yes, I am a little foot lover.”


And to that we can only say:


 “Aren’t we all?”


Photography – Šarūnas Milaševičius

Model – Rugilė

Words by Nicholaus Hedman