See you at Midway – Josh Elan

Daddy: So Josh, I understand you shot this series for another magazine and they didn’t pick it up. Do you want to talk about that?

Josh: Yep


Daddy: Where do you think the future of photography is going?



Daddy: With the ease of access of photography these days it seams like there is a redundancy with people knocking off knock offs. Do you think there is any art left in this medium?

Josh: I believe this medium is a tool. I think the value lies not in the excrement but in experiencing that moment to its full potential.


Daddy: You don’t typically shoot fashion. Your work seems to be more street style documenting the things that are around you. By doing a more fashion oriented editorial, do you think this proves that anyone can pick up a camera and create a decent shoot if they have a cute girl and throw some filters on it?

Josh: I wouldn’t call what I did here fashion haha. But I would agree that if you begin with all the best resources and tools it’s pretty hard to fuck it up.


Daddy: What keeps you shooting?

Josh: Naivety, ignorance, a deliberate pursuit of oblivion. I like when the shutter clicks and I know the image before I’ve seen it. I like pulling the camera away from my smiling face realizing I’ve been holding my breath because for whatever reason pushing that button with the right variables in front of the lens brings me so much pure joy. I think the only other time as an adult I get to experience that kind of elation is when I’m skateboarding. I think that’s the most honestly I’ve answered a question so far. See you at midway babe.


Photography: Josh Elan

Models: Rachel Swyer & Larosey Moore (Wilhelmina)