Sunday Brunch with Dana Kalachnik

This Sunday we sat down for brunch with Indianapolis based photographer Dana Kalachnik and her series “Mouthful”.

We didn’t pay.


Daddy: What’s the best Brunch in Indianapolis?

Dana: The best brunch in Indy is Milktooth, but only when someone else is buying.

Daddy: What’s your hangover cure?

Dana: 17 gallons of water & back to bed with my guilty pleasure – a Gossip Girl marathon.

Daddy: Favorite hot sauce?

Dana: Secret Aardvark Habanero hot sauce from Portland Oregon.

Daddy: Mimosa or Bloody Mary’s?

Dana: Mimosa! But made with fresh squeezed grapefruit juice.

Daddy: Sausage or bacon?

Dana: Bacon… with a side of bacon.

Daddy: Pancake or waffles?

Dana: fresh blueberry pancakes & dollop of lemon curd on top.

Daddy: Any food fetishes?

Dana: I think my food fetish is obviously a mouthful of anything sweet.


Check out more of Dana’s work at her Website and Instagram.