"Vein began as a self-exploration project, a way to explore obscuring tangling environments and how the self caught those places, how it can be tangled or hidden. I bought the ribbon in Toronto that day there was a blizzard and a fortune teller on the street told me i had stories to tell. It was important that the model look sweet as honey, that they look like a sleeping princess. It was important they not look angry or pained as I gave her ribbon serpent tongues. She was a huge part of it, Maggie May. Inspiration. Muse. This time we had together really aligned and formed these images, so anything I had that was pre-existing, ribbons, plastic, black gauze,these things took on new meanings with her. It became more about quiet than conflict. In many ways it defused the tension Iw as looking for, but it added something else, a kind of quiet sinister element just under the surface of the water, secrets waiting to be told, to manifest, become…" - Jones


Photography: Jones / IG

Model: Little Miss Maggie May / IG



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